Call Your Senators Today to Protect the ACA


The Senate Republican leadership in Washington, D.C. is writing a new health care bill behind closed doors. While we do not know the specifics of their legislation, we do know that it would remove key protections the Affordable Care Act (ACA) put in place nationwide allowing people with pre-existing conditions to get affordable coverage and will allow insurers to charge higher premiums for older Americans. It is very similar to the House passed bill.

Call your Senators today and deliver this message:

I am calling to urge Senator _______ to not take away our health care. Oppose any bill that would:

  • increase the number of people without insurance
  • decrease protections for people with pre-existing conditions
  • end the Medicaid expansion or
  • destroy the Medicaid program as we know it.

Stop trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Lives depend on it and women and men with, and at risk of, breast cancer are watching.

To find your senator’s phone number, go to



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